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 Your first mission (if you choose to accept): 

Stop making these 4 classic health sabotages & decide if you're ready for the HTK Challenge by the end of my presentation... 

Don't wanna watch?

Maybe you aren't ready for the HTK Challenge...

...but if you are, you might end up like these women:

Leslie F.

"Long gone are my days of scouring the internet looking for the latest fad diet or trendy workout. HTK offered me everything I needed to get my health and fitness in place, once and for all.”

Leah W.

"For so long I had focused on my food and exercise alone, and it never occurred to me that stress and sleep played such a critical role. When I started making changes in those areas [sleep & stress], I felt so much better than ever before."

Suzanne H. 

"I am so much more confident in my body and at the gym...but the real benefit of the program is the self-exploration; it's a totally holistic way of looking at training. I am sleeping much better, I lost some body fat, and I gained a ton of knowledge about myself."

P.S. Warning: This is NOT for everyone...especially if you don't like feeling badass, looking ahhhhhmazing, and getting you groove back. The Challenge is ONLY for action takers.